Kiran Gill

KiranKiran offers Electrolysis for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis treatment is a form of hair removal which uses a wire filament inserted into the hair follicle. A minimal amount of current is delivered to the root of the hair to destroy it through a variety of modalities. All modalities will treat only the offending hair follicle, resulting in a non-invasive and more direct route to target unwanted hair. If you have unwanted facial or body hair, I can help.
I am gender-friendly, and I take sterilization and sanitation procedures seriously. I use a new sterile disposable probe on each client, disposing of the probes safely after each use. Forceps are sterilized between uses, and I wear a new pair of disposable gloves for each client.
I would be happy to discuss the process and safety of electrolysis with any prospective client. Please get in touch if you have any questions

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– Linda Anderson