Kamal Dhillon

Kamal Sekhon Dhillon is the Founder and Owner of Kamal’s Day Spa. She started this business in 1989. She has trained and helped numerous individuals from diverse backgrounds enhance their beauty – mind, body & spirit by providing professional training. Throughout the years, she has upgraded and taken various training in US, Canada, and India on Beauty and Wellness. She is well respected and professional in the field of beauty, skincare and wellness. She is a great meditator and always helps her staff and customers on body, mind and spirit. She is been to TV stations and other conferences to talk on body, mind and spirit.



“I would HIGHLY recommend Kamals Day Spa for everything you need to nourish your body and soul! Oh, and let’s not forget Samon. So pleasant and I’m always greeted with her beautiful warm smile and comforting essence.”
– Linda Anderson