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We all have the ability to live with abundance. That’s the purpose of human life and it’s our worth right.  We are meant to be thrive and not survive. What limitations of the mind make us feel unworthy, unwanted and unlovable. Somehow we are trapped into unpleasant life situations, which make us feel drained and painful in most aspects of our lives. Intentionally or unintentionally we end up getting into fearful and scary situations. That becomes the norm to us, as often as the saying goes “misery loves company”

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Most often we are looking for financial and emotional freedom, that’s our fundamental truth. To get to the ultimate freedom we need to take steps, it’s like a ladder – One leads to the other. We would love to support your life journey from fear to freedom. acknowledge, trust, resilience,  ownership, intentions, chemistry, connections, collaboration, closure, celebration, knowledge, wisdom, silence, mutual understanding, freedom, shame, guilt, resentment, bitterness, abandonment, betrayal, doubt.


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Our body treatments helps you to heal and detox.


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Our facials are done in a gentle and therapeutic manner.

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Laser Treatments

We use safest and latest laser technology for treatments.


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Most often employees are not getting value back for their time. They feel used, they don’t have clarity on how to deal with their bosses without getting heated up. They get into emotional turmoil which drains their well being. That disturbance impacts every part of life. At the same time, the CEOs of the companies complain they don’t get the value back that they expect. At the end, everyone is running the cycle of suffering. That conflict causes trauma in each other’s life.

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I feel privileged and honored with the opportunity to be working in the spa industry for over 30 years. Everyday, I get the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people and learn and form deeper connections with my clients. I get to expand my knowledge through the life experiences of others. Everyone has unique desires to achieve success, which may look different for every individual. The fundamental truth is that we are all looking for love, connection, and a safe place to feel seen and heard. Many of us are missing the safe environment that we are supposed to feel in our homes, community, and within our body, mind, and spirit, leading us to seek a safe place and sense of belonging where we feel understood. Although we are living in developed countries, we still feel as if we cannot be our true selves. We often feel judged and afraid to express vulnerability. As parents, we try to make a living and raise our kids to the best of our abilities. Through their childhood, we try to provide our children with a strong mental and physical presence. However, at times, we miss this connection with our own children, which leads to generational gaps and it makes it hard for our children to fit in, leading them to struggle with eastern and western cultures. I feel that they really admire their own cultural values but they feel pressure from both the eastern and western sides, and they get confused, which could lead them to feel suffocation. One of the biggest reasons that children are resorting to drugs and alcohol is because they feel that they don’t have a sense of belonging and they don’t feel safe. At some point in their childhood, they lost the connection with their own families and they often start looking for that connection elsewhere. Every child is born with their own unique journey, we sometimes need to understand their purpose. Additionally, I have been provided with the opportunity to provide healing and allow others to relieve their subconscious blockages. In this field, I have gotten the opportunity to advance my learning through coaching courses and live with experienced healers and teachers. From them, I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn how to connect with my deeper self to help others. I hold a space where people feel safe and comfortable to open up and I ensure that their trust and vulnerability is kept confidential.

I would like to further take this journey to a global level.


Our Team

Our highly knowledgeable team members have their own expertise and skillfulness regarding beauty, health and wellness and make sure to deliver in the best way possible.

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